Ron Newman (ron_newman) wrote,
Ron Newman

Does anyone here have write access to a PHP web server?

I am investigating an unfortunate interaction between a Facebook feature (the "always use https" preference) and the behavior of certain browsers (definitely Mac Safari, perhaps others) when they receive an HTTP "302" redirect.

To do this, I'd like to put a PHP file and a couple of HTML pages up on a web server, and then have a few people bang on the PHP page from various browsers on various operating systems. I'm especially interested in how Internet Explorer behaves, but I can't test this locally at home because I have only a Mac.

Can anyone help?

Specifically, I'm investigating the behavior of browsers when Facebook redirects a URL of the following format from http to https:!/YoungSomerville

On my Mac, Safari 5.0.3 responds to the redirect by going to , while Firefox 3.6.15, Camino 2.0.6, Chrome 10.0.648.133, and Opera 11.01 all go to!/YoungSomerville .

The latter behavior seems much more useful, and presumably is what Facebook expects, but it's not clear to me whether any official standards require it. I'd like to know how Internet Explorer and other PC browsers (and Linux browsers, for that matter) behave.

So if you can take a few small files from me and put them on a public web server that can run PHP, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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